The Book Seat is an Australian invention designed by an avid reader from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. While working in disability & running a small creative business, the mother of two spent most of her evenings, as book lovers do, reading a good book in bed. Bibliophiles know the real struggle when it comes to finding comfortable reading positions. Cramped hands, sore arms, constantly shifting about to give one hand a rest. And so, from this discomfort, an idea was born.   

 A dream of something to hold her book in place with the pages open for her, so she could really relax and read in bed. A support for the book that allowed her to keep her arms comfortable, cozy & warm under the covers. An innovation that would enable her to read endlessly without experiencing those aches and pains of awkward reading positions. 

This came to be, The Book Seat. The hands free solution for a more comfortable reading experience.

Now, along with her brother, daughter and two other much loved staff, Cindy and her team manage the production and International supply of The Book Seat from her Melbourne based business in Australia. As the manufacturer and intellectual property owner, we provide The Book Seat worldwide from various final assembly & fulfilment centres located in the UK, Canada, the US, New Zealand and Australia. 

"I love this company. Besides making an excellent, functional product, they are socially responsible and socially responsive." M. Warren