Dear Book Seat lovers.

Due to the mandatory closure of businesses and services throughout Canada, in response to the COVID19 threat, our Oakville ON, warehouse, assembly and despatch facility has had to close down non essential operations.

The Book Seat understands and supports these precautions as being necessary for the health and well being of their staff and clients.

Consequently our online store cannot take orders, for the foreseeable future, nor are we able to supply the many retailers throughout the country which stock The Book Seat.

For those who now are working or studying from home, and require a Book Seat to aid them during this "confinement", please check our Storelocator page to see if there's a reseller near you, which may have some stock left.

The Book Seat apologises for the inconvenience, but this matter is out of our control and we, naturally, support all government initiatives to help maintain the health and well being of our Canadian friends.

The Book Seat HQ